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Reform local. Restore local.

Using our Local Antiracist Pretrial Justice framework, PJI works with community coalitions, local governments, and justice reform collaboratives to understand current pretrial practices, envision an equitable future, and support local action. 

We partner with places looking to shrink the footprint of the formal pretrial system, build community power, amplify community voices and create opportunities for people to thrive.

Our Services

PJI provides a variety of services to communities seeking to understand and improve local pretrial policies and practices. Our engagements range from a few hours to multiple years, depending on our clients’ needs and goals. We will work with you to customize a service package.

Custom Learning Experiences

We can tailor our existing courses, or develop new modules or curricula that specifically address your local challenges.


Policy Review

Let our subject matter experts provide feedback on current or draft legislation, court rule, or pretrial policy— PJI to add something else here later.


System Assessment & Process Mapping

Get a fresh perspective on how your pretrial process currently functions by incorporating input from decision-makers and impacted community members, along with data and policy analysis. Our team conducts an on-site assessment or mapping process and offers practical recommendations.


Strategic Planning

When you’re ready to name your pretrial goals and develop a plan, we facilitate a process that brings together diverse system and community stakeholders, moving at the speed of trust.


Implementation Support

As you operationalize programs and policies and seek quality, equity, and transparency in service delivery, our team can offer thought partnership and content expertise—whether you’re replicating proven practices or designing something new.


Data Analysis

We’ll help tell the story of how the pretrial process impacts your community through analysis of available data—and we can help build your capacity to use data in support of decarceral goals.


What we bring to your table

PJI brings a blend of expertise and curiosity to your community. Our change work team has decades of experience as attorneys, organizers, advocates, technical assistance providers, practitioners, and people impacted by the criminal legal system. We are collaborators in the truest sense of the word—and we recognize that change looks different in every community, since local problems need local solutions.

Our team offers a balanced approach: we leverage diverse skills, an unwavering commitment to equity and decarceration, and a sense of humor. We’re ready to have difficult conversations about race, power, and the legacies of oppression—but also to find joy in fulfilling shared values and meeting collective goals.  

Don’t have a specific goal or project in mind? We’re always looking for places interested in being the first to try innovative approaches for shrinking the system. Contact us to learn more about our emerging tools and strategies.

Virtual Coffee Date

Virtual Coffee Date

Reach out to schedule a 20-minute chat, where we can start diving into your bold vision for pretrial justice—and how PJI can help you get there.